ARA Show 2020

RJB Hydraulic Hammers exhibited at the ARA 2020 (American Rental Association) trade show in Orlando, FL.  On display was a 500 ft. lbs. impact class hydraulic hammer/breaker with a top bracket/pin configuration – HydroRam HK30 series hydraulic hammer/breaker for mini-excavators.  Also, a HydroRam HK130S silent series hydraulic hammer/breaker was on display at the show for customers looking for a solution to fit a 13-22 US-ton-sized excavator.  This particular configuration is a unique hydraulic hammer/breaker with a silenced housing that comes with both Auto-Lube and Anti-Blank Fire (ABF) added.  The HK130S is an excellent choice for rental yards looking for flexibility in carrier sizing along with features not commonly found in this size hydraulic hammer configuration.

New for this year’s event was a 1000 ft. lbs impact class hydraulic hammer/breaker – HydroRam HK45 with a Combination skid steer/mini-excavator bracket (see picture).  This bracket is a 1-piece combination bracket that will interchange with both a skid steer and a designated mini-excavator without having the need for 2 separate brackets.  Having this type of quick exchange bracket is key for rental yards that want to reduce the number of bracket types while making it easier to switch back and forth from a skid steer to a mini-excavator.  While the combination bracket comes with an additional cost over the standard brackets, the gains in efficiency and overall simplicity outweigh the additional upfront investment.

The HydroRam HK45 hydraulic hammer/breaker traditionally comes with either a universal top bracket with pins that fit a mini-excavator configuration or a skid-steer bracket that aligns to most high flow skid steer makes/models.  The Combination bracket is a special-ordered product that comes with pins that are customized for a particular mini-excavator in mind.

Special ARA 2020 show pricing for each model of hydraulic hammer displayed will be offered during the show.  Customers will be able to purchase display models (including the universal bracket) or select customized options that align with individual needs.

Come visit us at Booth 5298 during the show!

ARA Show

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