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RJB Hydraulic Hammers News

Increasing Profitability with a Hydraulic Hammer

April 8, 2019

If you are looking to make your business more profitable, there are three main ways to improve- labor costs, time spent on the job, and equipment acquisition and repair. One way to improve each of these areas is with a hydraulic breaker or hammer. For construction companies, these tools are game changers. Here is how…

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Choosing the Right Excavator Attachment

March 25, 2019

Excavating jobs require a lot of force. Digging up the ground for a foundation, breaking through cement pads, or drilling into a mine, all require different amounts of force with a varying type of attachment. While many seasoned construction workers might have instincts on which attachment is best for individual jobs, others need to do…

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The Hydraulic Hammer: How it Works | RJB Hydraulic Hammers

How It Works: The Hydraulic Hammer

February 21, 2019

  Hydraulic hammers are essential pieces of construction equipment. They are used in both the building and demolition sides of construction. For construction, they can be used to dig a hole, breaking up rocks in the ground or breaking the dirt to dig a hole more easily. When doing demolition, the hammer can quickly break…

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RJB Hydraulic Hammers at AED Condex

February 16, 2015

The Premium Series Severe-Duty HydroRam hydraulic hammers were featured at the AED Condex show recently held in Orlando FL. Ron Johnson was able to meet personally with customers, both established and new. He was on hand to explain the benefits of this innovative and durable hydraulic breaker.  Thank you to all of the many customers that…

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Hydraulic Breaker Training by RJB Hydraulic Hammers

December 22, 2014

RJB Hydraulic Hammers and Heavy Excavator Parts recently hosted another hydraulic breaker training seminar for HydroRam dealers. We take special pride in educating our dealers about proper operating procedures and proper maintenance schedules. Following the simple maintenance schedule will lengthen the trouble-free working life of a hydraulic breaker.  Here we see Wayne Johnson, our Warehouse Manager and…

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How to Properly Position a Hydraulic Hammer

October 14, 2013

A Hydraulic Hammer must always be positioned perpendicular to the material that it is breaking according to RJ Hydraulic Hammers and Heavy Parts.  It is very important to follow this rule so that you can correctly test the hardness of the material. If not properly aligned, the hammer can respond as though it is working in light…

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Hydraulic Rock Breakers

May 3, 2013

Hydraulic Rock Breakers are available from RJ Hydraulic Hammers and Heavy Parts. Are these the same product as a Hydraulic Hammer or a Hydraulic Concrete Breaker? Yes, they are absolutely the same product. Our knowledgeable, experienced equipment specialists will be able to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have about choosing the proper size breaker for your specific job and…

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Hydraulic Breakers for Excavators

October 27, 2012

Hydraulic Breakers for Excavators are available from RJB Hydraulic Hammers. We maintain a fully stocked warehouse with models from 200 ft-lbs up to the large 12,000 ft-lb models.  We can supply a Hydraulic Breaker to fit any size/ any model excavator. Please click on the words  “Hydraulic Breakers” and you will be directed to information…

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How to Take Care of a Hydraulic Hammer Working Tool

July 30, 2012

RJB Hydraulic Hammers understands that taking care of the hydraulic hammer working tool is an important part of maintaining your hydraulic hammer. For hydraulic hammer instructions and proper tool care always read your HydroRam Hydraulic Hammer Operators Manual. Be sure to read all of the Safety, Operating and Maintenance instructions.  Read this Manual before installing,…

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