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Hydraulic Hammer Cold Weather Tips

At RJ Hydraulic Hammers and Heavy Excavator Parts, we realize that taking care of your Hydraulic Hammer  in cold weather is just one of the many important jobs of the operator. As we approach cold weather months in many parts of the United States and around the world, we want to remind you to always warm up your equipment properly before operating in cold climates. After warming up the carrier, suspend the hydraulic hammer in the air (with the tool extended) to activate the automatic stop. Activate the control to circulate the oil and warm the hammer. Warm the hydraulic breaker tool bit by operating at slow speeds for five to ten minutes. During extremely low temperatures be sure to store the tool bit indoors. For more tips and safety advice, be sure to always refer to your official Hydro Ram Operators Manual. For more information, please visit us at or call us Toll Free 888-651-0187 or Outside US  1-727-215-4924.

Posted by RJB Hydraulic Hammers