Common Excavator Attachments and Their Uses



Hydraulic machinery makes construction, demolition, mining, and scraping so much easier. The power of water and force is utilized to pack a bigger punch than any other tool can alone. With higher production abilities, excavator attachments can increase profits by reducing the time required for jobs.

Knowing which attachments are the best for each situation helps narrow down necessities versus wants. Here are some of the most common excavator attachments to consider.


Possibly the most versatile excavation attachment. This attachment is strong enough to bring down structures that are made with steel and concrete. In years past, it required two different tools to get through these materials separately, but now this one attachment can do both.

This tool consists of interchangeable jaws that cost less than two separate tools. Changing out the jaws allows for different purposes, like shearing, pulverizing, or concrete cracking. A multi-processor rotates for easy usage and multiple applications too.

Hydraulic Shear

Buying a hydraulic shear attachment will minimize company maintenance costs while decreasing job site downtime. This attachment has 360 degrees of possible directional work, meaning it can be adapted to many different situations and jobs.

Shears can wear down, but with the easy replacement of shears now, it doesn’t take long to swap them out when needed. Instead of using multiple tools, the hydraulic shears can be used to demolish steel structures with H or I beams in a single process. Shears can also tackle storage tanks, pipes, and railroad cars. This tool is most beneficial for big jobs.

Hydraulic Pulverizer

A pulverizer doesn’t need a lot of explanation. During demolition work, this tool is ideal for breaking up large structures into smaller, more manageable portions. Teeth along the work surface help assist in crushing force and are made to not slip off the material for better reliability.

Once the loads are appropriately sized, they are easier to load. Hydraulic Pulverizers have jaw openings that are able to process rubble from bridge columns, retaining walls, buildings, foundations, and more with less effort.

It speeds up jobs but is also quieter, disturbing the neighborhood less during a construction project. If your jobs require a lot of pounding and breaking down, consider buying a hydraulic pulverizer to keep on hand.

Buy from a Trusted Source

Once you decide which excavator is right for your company’s needs, you can prioritize the buying order of attachments. Keep a record of how much work you do and what the type of work is that is done. This will help you explore your options more accurately. If most of your jobs are to break up foundations, you know that the best attachment to invest in is probably a pulverizer.

Once you have purchased your first attachment, you can prioritize the rest of the hydraulic attachments according to its potential for your company. Once you know what you want, start shopping at Best Hammers. Our excavator attachments are tested and ready to run. Shop our supply with confidence and give your company an advantage with the right excavator attachments.

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