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How many ways can you say Hydraulic Hammer?

Here at RJ Hydraulic Hammers and Heavy Excavator Parts, we get daily inquiries from customers all over the world. We hear many different descriptions and names for a “hydraulic hammer“. Here are some of the descriptions that we have heard:  Excavator hammers, rock hammers, rock breakers, hydraulic jack hammers, hydraulic breakers, concrete breakers, martillos hidráulicos. These names all refer to the same hydraulic hammers that we sell and service throughout the world!  We will be happy to answer your questions, no matter what you prefer to call them! Do you have other names or descriptions for our hammers? We would love to add them to our list. Just post your comment and we will include it in an updated list soon. We are happy to answer your questions 365 days a year. Toll Free 888-651-0187  Outside US 1-727-215-4924 or visit our website

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