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Hydraulic Breaker (Hydraulic Hammer) Greasing

Greasing the Hydraulic Breaker  tool and bushings frequently is a crucial part of the Operator’s routine maintenance program. The tool and bushings must be greased every two to four hours of operation. You must grease even more often if you are working in dusty or severe conditions. You should apply five to ten pumps of good quality, high temperature grease.  The  tool and bushings must have proper lubrication at all times. Lack of proper lubrication will increase the temperature in both the bushings and the tool shank. This will cause deterioration of these parts. For extreme weather conditions, and for further detailed instructions about greasing your Hydraulic Breaker, please refer to your official Hydro Ram Operator Manual, or call RJ Hydraulic Hammers and Heavy Parts for more information 1-888-651-0187.

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