Hydraulic Shear

If you need extra cutting power for processing scrap or carrying out tough demolitions, look no further than a new set of hydraulic shears. Here at RJB Hydraulic Hammers and Heavy Parts, we offer the best HydroRam brand hydraulic shears. They are built with the highest quality to optimize the productivity and cost-effectiveness of the shear/excavator system. This will minimize both your downtime and maintenance.

Our HydroRam hydraulic shears also feature:

  • 360-degree rotator for optimal cutting positions
  • Long-lasting quality with minimal maintenance necessary
  • Easier replacement and exchange of cutters
  • Added power and cutting efficiency

With their increased strength and cutting efficiency, our excavator hydraulic sheers are more than capable of demolishing steel structures and processing large quantities of scrap metal. You’ll have no problem demolishing H or I beams in a single process with these hydraulic shears for excavators.

Our HydroRam shears are built for tough jobs. Made from high-grade steel with reinforced housing, these attachments can handle high levels of stress and pressure. The hydraulic components were made to withstand pressure spikes while keeping your operators safe all the while. Because of this high quality, you’ll experience less need for maintenance, resulting in more savings for you overall.

Finally, our hydraulic shears are compatible with a wide range of excavator brands. Because of this, you’ll get optimal cycling times and power no matter what kind of equipment you’re using.

When you need a new set of hydraulic shears, don’t hesitate to reach out and request a quote from us. We’ll give you a competitive estimate so you can get to work without waiting.

Apart from HydroRam hydraulic shears, we also carry a premium line of hydraulic hammers, as well as other quality engineered excavator attachments suited for a wide variety of applications. Call us at 1-888-651-0187 or 1-727-215-4924 to learn more about any of our hydraulic hammers, excavator attachments or parts.

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