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Installation and Set-Up of Hydraulic Breakers (Hydraulic Hammers)

Installation and set-up of hydraulic hammers can seem difficult to a new user. At RJ Hydraulic Hammers and Heavy Parts, we offer a unique Purchase Option of Hydraulic Breaker Installations and Set-Ups on-site for our customers worldwide . With this Purchase Option, our expert Technician will personally supervise the installation and set-up of your new hydraulic hammer. In addition, our technician will host an on-site training session exclusively for your service and maintenance personnel. This detailed training helps to ensure that each member of your service department knows the proper detailed procedures for the use and care of your new hammer.  Our Technician is considered to be an industry expert with even the most complicated application set-ups.  RJ Hydraulic Hammers and Heavy Parts was selected to furnish the hammer, and our Technician was selected to supervise the recent underwater  installation for the City of San Francisco CA Water Reservoir Project.  Our technician routinely receives requests to supervise installations across the United States, and across the World. We encourage you to take advantage of this special service option with your purchase of any new Hydro Ram brand attachment. Please give us a call with any questions at 1-888-651-0187.

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