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Used Hydraulic Hammers, Used Hydraulic Breakers

Used Hydraulic Hammers and Used Hydraulic Breakers are available for sale at affordable discount prices. Here at RJ Hydraulic Hammers and Heavy Parts, we understand that giving you correct information about the condition of a used hydraulic hammer is critical to your decision. We will inform you of the actual condition of each used unit in our inventory. Your best investment for a used model is generally a 2,000 lb. class hydraulic hammer or larger. The smaller sized hammers are not as cost effective to repair as the larger hammers and may cost you more in the long term. It is usually more cost effective for you to invest in a new model if you need a smaller size ( less than the 2,000 lb. class size). Our reputation as an informed and knowledgeable supplier will assist you with making a well-informed decision on your purchase of any used hydraulic hammer.  We generally have a good selection of quality used models, and also re-built hydraulic hammers that are the 2,000 lb. class size or larger.  Call us today for our list of current inventory and pricing.  1-888-651-0187.

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