Hydraulic Hammers | Hydraulic Breakers

RJ Hydraulic Hammers and Heavy Parts supplies the demolition, construction, mining and quarry industries worldwide. As the exclusive North American importer for BHI Hydro Ram, we are able to supply premium  hammers at prices well below what you would pay for a hydraulic hammer of the same quality from another manufacturer. Hydraulic hammer, hydraulic breaker, hydraulic jack hammer, martillo hidráulico — they are all the same tool. But, all are not created equal. Let RJ Hydraulic Hammers and BHI Hydro Ram be your #1 source for quality hydraulic hammers and heavy attachments.

Hydraulic Hammers | Hydraulic Breakers from BHI Hydro Ram

Small Top Type and Silent Type Hydraulic Hammers | Hydraulic Breakers

BHI Hydro Ram Hydraulic Hammers HK30 HK40 HK45 and HK60 are used on mini excavators that weigh 2000 lbs. to 26,000 lbs.  Models  HK40 and HK45 are also available for Skid Steers.  We provide a loader backhoe version of the HK45 and HK60.  Each hydraulic hammer comes with a nitrogen charge kit, working tool, pins and bushings and manuals.  This group of premium hydraulic hammers  is mostly used for concrete breaking such as foundations, curb and gutter, bridge repair and select breaking in confined areas.

Medium Top Type and Silent Type Hydraulic Hammers | Hydraulic Breakers

These medium-sized hydraulic hammers are mounted on medium sized excavators that weigh 22,000 lbs to 42,000 lbs. This well engineered class of hammer is versatile and can break larger concrete projects and does an excellent job on trench rock.  Working on larger bridge sections is ideal for these hammers as they are also very compatible with wheeled excavators.  Utility contractors  find them ideal for working in and around projects where space is at a premium.  Rental companies can provide their customers an HK80 or HK130 to fit most construction and small demolition needs.  If you have a question about any hydraulic breaker application please contact us via email or phone.  1-888-651-0187 or info@besthammers.com

Large Top Type and Silent Type Hydraulic Hammers | Hydraulic Breakers

Our largest Hydraulic Hammers  are built tough for maximum production and heavy demolition.  The HK220 is our most popular model and works on carriers from 18 to 28 tons.  A unique feature is our Universal Top Bracket suited for a wide range of carriers.  To change between several brands and sizes of excavators you simply replace the pins and T Collar bushings.  RJ Hydraulic Hammers and Heavy Parts stocks pins and bushings for most popular models.  We have fabricators and machine shop technicians that can customize our hammers to fit most any machine or quick coupler.  The HK250 is a cost effective model that can operate on machines up to 300 class.  This is our 300 class hammer at only the 200 class pricing.  The HK280 uses a 6.1 inch diameter tool.  When coupled with a 330 class excavator you start to get real production.  This is also a demolition class hammer and will break any rock or hard foundation.   For more production we offer the HK330, HK380 and HK500.  The HK330 is best suited for those carriers weighing over 75,000 to 80,000 pounds,  although we have HK330’s on 100,000 lb excavators doing great after several years of production.  The HK380  is a great hydraulic hammer for the rock quarry.  It is extremely well balanced for machines in the 80,000 to 95,000 lb range. It is shown on our home page video and as you can see it breaks granite with ease.  Our largest hydraulic hammer model, the HK500 , is built for any of the over 100,000 lb big excavators.  It works great on 460 size machines up to 70 tons.  The tool diameter on this model is a full 7.09 inches.  Rocks don’t stand a chance with this one!

USED HYDRAULIC HAMMERS, USED HYDRAULIC ROCK BREAKERS, AND  RE-BUILT HYDRAULIC HAMMERS are generally available.  Call us for details about current availability.  1-888-651-0187. www.besthammers.com