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Hydraulic Hammers/Breakers

RJB Hydraulic Hammers is the exclusive US importer for HydroRam Hydraulic Hammers, and we are dedicated to providing service and assistance before and after every purchase. HydroRam has been engineering and building leading-edge hydraulic hammers for nearly 25 years, and you can explore our complete product line to find the one that matches your exact needs.

It’s critical to ensure that the carrier and breaker attachments are a good fit, which is why we offer a range of breakers in different size classes. Be sure to check out our range of premium hammers, too.

When you work with RJB Hydraulic Hammers, you get:

  • 60+ years combined hydraulic hammer experience
  • Best price-to-performance in the industry
  • Hammers rated for severe-duty applications
  • Unmatched customer service

Before you purchase a hydraulic hammer, let us provide you a prompt, no-obligation price quote.

These small breaker hammers are designed to deliver maximum efficiency with an incredible power-to-weight ratio. They may be small, but they are built to last, and they are the perfect solution for tight areas and smaller carriers.

You can take advantage of the size, power, and efficiency of these high-end hammers to complete your projects as effectively as possible.

HK302.8 - 4.2410
HK403.1 - 4.4660
HK453.9 - 6.6760
HK606.6 - 14.31160


  • Smaller, yet tough and durable.
  • Designed for high production on mini excavator 2,000-26,000 lbs.
  • Loader backhoe type or top type options for HK45 and HK60.
  • Comes with nitrogen charge kit, working tool, pins, bushings and manuals.

Medium-size hammers are the workhorses of the industry. They are small enough to fit into many tighter areas but still pack enough power to deal with larger jobs.

Whether you’re managing construction jobs, bridge repairs, or breaking large slabs of concrete, these hammers can deliver the power and efficiency you need to maximize production while saving money along the way.

HK8011.0 - 17.61910
HK13013.2 - 22.02860
HK22022.0 - 30.83960


  • Medium-sized excavator breaker that handles between 22,000 to 61,000 lbs.
  • Ideal for larger concrete projects and bridge sections
  • Superior choice for work on trench rock
  • Comes complete with nitrogen charge kit, working tool, pins and bushings and manuals

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Our range of heavy-duty hydraulic breakers are designed to deliver the highest level of productivity and power so you can save time and money on even the largest projects.

These large class hammers are compatible with a variety of carriers, and each one is designed to provide the efficiency and accuracy you need when you’re dealing with some very demanding applications, from commercial demolition to breaking massive slabs of concrete.

HK25024.3 - 33.15080
HK28030.8 - 38.55960
HK38037.4 - 49.57810
HK50044 - 71.58320


  • Fits Large Excavators ranging from 48,000 to 155,000 lbs.
  • Universal Top Bracket to fit wide range of Excavators
  • Heavy Demolition, large trenching, quarry rock breaking
  • Wide range of working tools

A Premium Series breaker hammer is the product of decades of combined experience and the most recent technology to deliver a perfect balance of output energy and efficiency. These tools are constructed of the highest-quality materials to extend service life, make them easy to maintain, and increase your uptime and productivity.

HK230S22.0 - 30.84290
HK300S30.8 - 38.56600
HK580S44.1 - 71.59790

All PREMIUM SERIES HAMMERS are rated for Severe-Duty.
The following special features are included on all of the PREMIUM SERIES models.

  • Blank Firing Prevention System
  • Blow (Striking) Frequency & Power Control
  • Dust Intake Prevention Function
  • Oil Flow Rate Control Function
  • Speed Control Function
  • Auto-Greasing Enabling Function
  • Underwater Enabling Function

Get the Right Hammer for the Job

When you purchase a new hammer, it’s critical that the carrier and breaker attachments are a good fit. You also need to know that the hammer has the power and ability to complete the job at hand without any complications and without sustaining damage on the breaker or the carrier.

At RJB Hydraulic Hammers, we are committed to providing all the support you need to get the job done.

We can help you find the breaker that has all the features and power you need, and we will continue to support your efforts after the sale.

Take a look at our line of hammers and start improving your production capabilities while reducing costs and simplifying maintenance.

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