RJB Hydraulic Hammers News

Training on a HydroRam

Hydraulic Hammer/Breaker Training Videos

September 10, 2020

          RJB Hydraulic Hammers has started to develop user training videos to assist both new and experienced hydraulic hammer users.  The videos are posted on both our Youtube Channel and our Facebook page. While we ship a paper operator’s manual with every hydraulic hammer purchase, it’s not something that is usually…

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HK220 Hydraulic Hammer

Hydraulic Hammer – Routine Maintenance

August 10, 2020

Operator Routine Maintenance Lubrication – Grease the tool and bushings every two to four hours of operation, more than often in dusty or severe conditions, with five to ten pumps of good quality, high-temperature grease.  Proper lubrication at all times is critical.  Lack of lubrication will increase the temperature in the bushings and tool shank…

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Hydraulic Hammer Operation

How to Properly Operate a Hydraulic Hammer

July 8, 2020

                1) Proper Positioning The hammer must be positioned perpendicular to the material. It is especially important to follow this rule when using the hydraulic hammer so that it can correctly test the hardness of the material. If it is improperly aligned, it could respond as though it…

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The Hydraulic Hammer: How it Works | RJB Hydraulic Hammers

How It Works: The Hydraulic Hammer/Breaker

June 17, 2020

Hydraulic hammers/breakers are essential pieces of equipment in the construction equipment industry. They are used in both building and demolition for the construction industry. For construction, they can be used to dig holes, breaking up rock, or breaking the dirt to dig a hole more easily. When performing demolition, the hammer/breaker can quickly break up…

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Medium Class Hydraulic Hammer Display

The Difference Between Hydraulic Hammer/Breaker Classes

May 28, 2020

  Buying a hydraulic hammer is a significant investment. These specialty attachments are not cheap which means that when one is purchased, a lot of thought and research has gone into the decision making process. When researching different brands and functions, you probably noticed that there are different classes to choose from too. Hydraulic hammers…

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Hydraulic Hammer/Breaker Training

May 12, 2020

RJB Hydraulic Hammers hosted a hydraulic hammer/breaker training seminar for one of our HydroRam dealers. We take special pride in educating our dealers about proper operating procedures and proper maintenance schedules. Following the simple maintenance schedule will lengthen the trouble-free working life of a hydraulic breaker.  Our Product Support Management team conducts r is conducting…

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RJB Hydraulic Hammers

Featured Dealers for RJB Hydraulic Hammers

May 1, 2020

HydroRam hydraulic hammers and attachments continue to gain popularity in the industry. These premier global attachments offer the strength, durability, and reliability that our customers have come to expect. But it’s not just our customers who have discovered the benefits of the HydroRam line. Over the years, we’ve partnered with many different parts and equipment…

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News at RJB Hydraulic Hammers

CONEXPO 2020 RJB Hydraulic Hammers

March 18, 2020

RJB Hydraulic Hammers jointly exhibited with our Korean supplier (Best Hammer Industries) in Booth F3163 at this year’s ConExpo event in Las Vegas, NV March 10-14. We chose to display on the festival grounds at this year’s event as opposed to the indoor halls based on customer preferences from previous events. For the 2020 event,…

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ARA Show 2020

February 13, 2020

RJB Hydraulic Hammers will be exhibiting at the upcoming ARA (American Rental Association) trade show in Orlando, FL.  On display will be a 500 ft. lbs. impact class hydraulic hammer/breaker with a top bracket/pin configuration – HydroRam HK30 series hydraulic hammer/breaker for mini-excavators.  Also, a HydroRam HK130S silent series hydraulic hammer/breaker will be on display…

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The HydroRam HK220 with Anti-Blank Fire

August 2, 2019

The HydroRam HK220 Hydraulic Hammer with Anti-Blank Fire is built for Rental Fleets wanting more hammer uptime! RJB Hydraulic hammers is excited to announce the launch of the newly redesigned HK220 HydroRam hydraulic hammer with Anti-Blank Fire as a standard feature.  Anti-Blank Fire (ABF) is a critical feature that was designed for rental fleets where…

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