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ARA Show

ARA Show 2021

September 20, 2021

RJB Hydraulic Hammers will be exhibiting at the ARA 2021 (American Rental Association) trade show in Las Vegas, NV.  On display will be our 500 ft. lbs. impact class Hydraulic Hammer | Breaker with a top bracket configuration – HydroRam HK30 designed for mini-excavators weighing less than 8400 lbs. Also on display will be our…

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HydroRam Hydraulic Hammers at ConExpo 2020

Hydraulic Hammers: What Size Fits Your Needs?

May 18, 2021

  The one piece of construction equipment that really packs a punch is a hydraulic hammer. This tool is ideal for breaking up thick clay or rocky soil for easier digging, breaking through rock for mining, and even interior demolition jobs. While many construction jobs benefit from having a hydraulic hammer on site, having the…

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HydroRam Hydraulic Hammers at ConExpo 2020

Increasing Profitability with a Hydraulic Breaker | Hammer

March 23, 2021

                  If you are looking to make your business more profitable, there are three main ways to improve- labor costs, time spent on the job, and equipment acquisition and repair. One way to improve each of these areas is with a Hydraulic Breaker | Hammer. For construction…

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HydroRam HK45 Combo Bracket

Skid Steer/Mini Excavator Combo Bracket

January 27, 2021

                RJB Hydraulic Hammers has brought to market a dual function bracket that works with both a skid steer and mini-excavator (3.5 to 6 metric ton carriers).  The thought behind the skid steer/mini-excavator combo bracket is to allow rental yards and dealers the opportunity to rent a single…

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HydroRam Hydraulic Hammer Parts

Hydraulic Hammer Rebuild Service

December 8, 2020

                    With our growing base of hydraulic hammers in the field, RJB Hydraulic Hammers has launched a one-price rebuild service for our larger-sized HydroRam hydraulic hammers.  This impacts the HydroRam HK300S, HK330, HK380S, HK500 and HK580S series hammers. RJB Hydraulic Hammers only supports the rebuild process…

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HydroRam Hydraulic Hammer Rebuild

Hydraulic Hammer | Breaker Training Videos

September 10, 2020

          RJB Hydraulic Hammers has developed a series of user training videos to assist both new and experienced hydraulic hammer operators.  The videos are posted on both our Youtube Channel and our Facebook page. While we ship a paper operator’s manual with every hydraulic hammer purchase, it’s not something that is…

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HydroRam HK300S Hydraulic Hammer on a Hyundai Excavator

Hydraulic Hammer – Routine Maintenance

August 10, 2020

Operator Routine Maintenance Lubrication – Grease the tool and bushings every two to four hours of operation, more than often in dusty or severe conditions, with five to ten pumps of good quality, high-temperature grease.  Proper lubrication at all times is critical.  Lack of lubrication will increase the temperature in the bushings and tool shank…

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HydroRam HK380S Hydraulic Hammer Operation

How to Properly Operate a Hydraulic Hammer

July 8, 2020

                1) Proper Positioning The hammer must be positioned perpendicular to the material. It is especially important to follow this rule when using the hydraulic hammer so that it can correctly test the hardness of the material. If it is improperly aligned, it could respond as though it…

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The Hydraulic Hammer: How it Works | RJB Hydraulic Hammers

How It Works: The Hydraulic Hammer | Breaker

June 17, 2020

Hydraulic hammers/breakers are essential pieces of equipment in the construction equipment industry. They are used in both building and demolition for the construction industry. For construction, they can be used to dig holes, breaking up rock, or breaking the dirt to dig a hole more easily. When performing demolition, the hammer/breaker can quickly break up…

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Hydraulic Hammer Flow Testing

Flow Testing – Why it’s Important

July 19, 2019

Industry-standard hydraulic hammers are powered with charged nitrogen over hydraulic fluid.  In order to optimize the hydraulic power component, a hydraulic flow meter should be set up on the machine that is being attached to the hydraulic hammer.  The machines typically attached to a hydraulic hammer are either a skid steer, mini-excavator, loader backhoe or…

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