4 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Used Hydraulic Hammers

The construction industry in the US is worth over $1.8 trillion, with a 12.3% projected increase. As a business owner, there are times when you will want to consider used industrial equipment over new. It is not a compromise on quality but a way to ensure work continuity. You can certainly find decent used industrial hardware out there if you know where to look.

If you have found yourself thinking of purchasing used hydraulic hammers, below we have some tips to help you make the best second-hand purchase.

1. Consider Wear and Tear

It goes without saying that used hydraulic hammers have some level of wear and tear. When you buy a used hydraulic hammer, gauge its wear and tear level. Do both an internal and external examination. Check for cracks in the cylinder body, review the functionality of the main valve and chisel, and review any other areas for possible equipment damage. There is a big difference between used equipment and damaged equipment, so it is important to know everything about the equipment before you make a purchase.

Remember to also review maintenance history. An equipment’s maintenance history can divulge proprietary information concerning its state. A well-maintained hammer may work just as well as a new one, but a hammer with no trace of maintenance may become a problem in the future.

2. The Age of the Equipment

Age and model play a big role in equipment functionality. Two factors come into play when reviewing the age of equipment: maintenance and usage.

Any equipment is good if it has been well maintained. Considering the annual usage is also a great way to measure the quality of your investment.

A second-hand hydraulic hammer with a strong maintenance history and minimal annual usage would be an ideal scenario.

In addition, while reviewing the age of equipment, don’t forget to ensure that the particular model is not discontinued, as this can make maintenance and sourcing any parts for it a bigger hurdle when it comes time to fix it.

3. Dealer’s Reputation

The seller’s reputation is our third point because it ties in with the two above. Working with a reputable hydraulic hammers dealer such as RJB Hydraulic Hammers can give you added security that you are making a worthy purchase.

When questioning the reputation of a dealer, look into their client reviews. See what people are saying about them. You can also take a look at their social media posts and scour the comments section for what people have to say about them.

For another sign of whether they have a good reputation, check out their range of products. A good dealer will often partner with good brands!

4. Test Drive

And our final tip: don’t purchase any equipment without a test drive. Before you walk away with a used hydraulic hammer, ensure that you conduct an inspection. It would be better to conduct a thorough inspection in person, but if you live far away from the dealer, you can also opt for a virtual inspection.

During the equipment walkthrough, check every aspect of the hammer and then try it out.

Purchasing Used Hydraulic Hammers

Purchasing used hydraulic hammers can be the best option for businesses looking to save money while not compromising on the quality of their projects. Just keep in mind with your second-hand purchase to first review the equipment’s wear and tear, age, and then take the hydraulic hammer for a test drive!

Should you need to purchase hydraulic hammers, RJB Hydraulic Hammers is the partner to pick. With over 25 years of experience, you can find what you are looking for from our long list of equipment.

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