5 Things To Know about Hydraulic Breakers for Skid Steer Equipment

If you’re like many construction professionals, you’re using your skid steer more than ever. A skid steer loader is easy to transport and uses less fuel. It also has a smaller footprint.

Hydraulic breakers for skid steer machines are one way to get more from your equipment, as you can take a wider range of jobs.

Below are five useful things about this skid steer attachment.

1. Hydraulic Breakers for Skid Steer Equipment Give You Many Options

You can use a hydraulic hammer for a demolition project, excavation project, or almost any type of project that involves breaking up material.

Using a skid steer lets you get into tighter spaces. It’s much more efficient than using manual jackhammers, and you can change the attachment quickly and easily for more versatility.

2. Choose the Right Hydraulic Hammer for the Job

Hydraulic breakers for skid steer loaders can handle a range of jobs. The right hydraulic hammer is the one designed for the job, as this prevents damage to your equipment and improves the quality of your work.

For example, you need an attachment with high-impact force and energy for hard surfaces such as concrete. You need a breaker with a lower impact force for softer materials like asphalt. Otherwise, the breaker may damage the surrounding surface.

3. Find a Skid Steer Attachment That Works With Your Machine

You want a skid steer attachment powerful enough to do the job. It also needs to fit comfortably on your skid steer.

For example, an attachment that is too small can overload it, therefore causing the breaker to become damaged from too much oil.

If the hydraulic hammer is too large, it could cause the skid steer to tip over, which results in it overheating.

4. Increase Efficiency With Advanced Features

Many models of hydraulic breakers have advanced features that can improve productivity and efficiency. For example, automatic power adjustment changes the hammer’s power based on the hardness of the material. Energy recovery systems capture energy from the recoil of the breaker to lower fuel costs and improve power.

Auto stop reduces wear and tear by automatically stopping the hammer when the operator isn’t using it. This also saves fuel. Auto greasing simplifies maintenance and lowers costs by automatically greasing the hammer when necessary.

5. Choose a Reputable Brand

If you won’t be using your skid steer attachment very often, a lower-tier model may be enough. For more frequent use, you need a reputable brand with a good warranty.

The best brands have better customer support, and you get better maintenance and repair services when needed.

Top-tier brands invest more in development and testing, so the machines have better performance and reliability, making them all around more durable.

Find the Right Skid Steer Attachment

Hydraulic breakers for skid steer machines give you more versatility and efficiency. The key is finding a hydraulic hammer that’s sized for your skid steer and the job you need to do.

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