Granite Mountain Machinery

HK300S on Cat 336(3) HK300S on Cat 336

Our newest dealer – Granite Mountain Machinery in Conyers, GA showing off it’s new HK300S Premium Series hammer on a Cat 336F series excavator.  Granite Mountain Machinery is very different from any other used equipment company. To begin with, they own and control what they sell. They are not brokers working as a middle man trying to earn a commission fee. When you visit their facility, you will either find the piece of equipment you are looking for or it will be in production on a nearby project. Secondly, they are not equipment salesman. It is not their background and it is not who they are.  They have grown up as operators, mechanics, and end-users.  They understand equipment from the user’s perspective, not the salesman’s. They only invest in equipment that they feel comfortable using on their own projects and in many instances they actually utilize the iron prior to sale.

Once a piece of equipment is acquired for inventory, it goes through their shop. There, their experienced mechanics thoroughly clean, inspect, service, and repair it to make each machine job-ready. Oil samples are taken and a solid evaluation of the machine is done. What you read in the listing and what you see in the picture is what the machine is. They provide approximately 20 or more pictures of each machine to be sure the customer knows exactly what he or she is investing in.

Granite Mountain Machinery is also a proud member of the Independent Equipment Dealers Association (IEDA). The IEDA is the only network of vetted independent equipment dealers. Every IEDA member has made a commitment to display leadership by making ethical decisions, and by making accurate claims to customers. This is a code of ethics Granite Mountain Machinery strives to uphold.

Whether contacting them by phone, email, or visiting in person; experience is what makes Granite Mountain Machinery unique.

Posted by RJB Hydraulic Hammers