3 Tips for Choosing a Backhoe Breaker

The construction industry creates about $1.8 trillion in projects each year, according to The Construction Association. Choosing the type of necessary equipment for these projects, including the right backhoe breaker, is essential to their success. Backhoe breakers speed up construction jobs and allow you to be a reliable contractor.

Recommendations for picking the proper backhoe breaker include its condition and age, and it’s essential to consider who is selling the backhoe breaker too.

Here are three tips on choosing the right backhoe breaker.

1. Condition

Every piece of construction has wear and tear, and backhoe breakers are no different. Knowing the condition of a backhoe breaker for sale, even a backhoe breaker attachment, will leave you confident about your purchase.

Whether you are looking at a backhoe breaker rental or one for sale, prepare yourself with a checklist. Check for cracks and leaking fluids, analyze the machinery inside and out, and check to see if a maintenance history exists for each of the backhoe breakers you are examining.

If you are not confident you know enough about the machinery, take someone with you who does. Sometimes having a trusted confidant is best when making a large purchase.

2. Age

Consider the age of the equipment before purchase. A lower price may seem attractive, but it also might mean more problems than what it’s worth. It is important to also verify that the manufacturer is still making that particular model. If they aren’t, it’s going to make it very difficult to find replacement parts when something breaks in the future.

The best bet is to buy a backhoe with minimal use and an excellent maintenance history.

Buy something in working order that will last. According to the Associated Equipment Distributors (an industry trade group), there’s a lack of skilled technicians to fix broken backhoes and backhoe breaker attachments.

Parts are also a consideration. Supply chain issues can cause problems getting the right parts when the equipment fails.

Avoid allowing broken equipment to sit without being used!

3. Trial Run

There’s no better way to see if a backhoe (or backhoe breaker rental) is worth the money than by taking it for a test drive. A trial run gives you a personal feel for how it looks and runs, and you get to experience first-hand both its smoothness and sounds.

Sometimes, just by taking a trial run with a piece of equipment, you will notice how effective it might be on a construction site.

Also, when testing it, drop the hydraulic hammer. Use it as you would during a construction job.

Three Tips for Choosing a Backhoe Breaker

Three tips for choosing a backhoe breaker include its condition, age, and giving the equipment a trial run before renting or purchasing it. Following these steps will provide you with peace of mind during the process.

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Posted by RJB Hydraulic Hammers