A Beginner’s Guide to Hydraulic Hammers for Excavator Machines

If you’re in the market for a new or used hydraulic hammer, you’re not alone. Hydraulic hammers, otherwise known as breakers, have increased in sales since the pandemic ended. If you’re wondering, “How do I find a hydraulic hammer that suits my needs?”, we’ve found all you need to know about buying hydraulic hammers for excavator equipment to help you.

Learn more about how to choose hydraulic breaker hammers below, so you can buy one that suits your project’s needs.


hydraulic hammer must be installed with the right size carrier. The right match will streamline efficiency and protect the hammer from chipping or breaking.

Since there’s no industry standard, the size of the breaker should be measured by its weight ratio or its impact energy level.  If you measure by the weight ratio, the hydraulic hammer should weigh only 10% of the carrier weight.

For example, let’s say you own a 20-metric-ton excavator that weighs around 44,092 pounds; in this case, you’ll need to purchase a hammer that weighs less than 4,409 pounds. By doing so, the carrier isn’t overloaded and can work as intended without any hiccups.

Hydraulic Flow

Hydraulic breakers are powered by the hydraulic flow of the excavator. Some can adjust to various amounts of flows, and some cannot.

You don’t want too much hydraulic flow, as it could create overflow. In creating overflow, the pressure would increase, leading the hammer to crack or break.

On the other hand, there also shouldn’t be insufficient flow, as the hammer will become slow and rather unproductive. It’s important to have the right amount of flow to power the hammer and make it work efficiently.

It’s best to have a wide range of hydraulic flow, rather than a narrow flow. With a wide range of flow, you can accomplish several projects without purchasing several hammers with exact flow types. Look for hydraulic hammers that can adapt to a large range of hydraulic flow.

Maintenance Cost

When selecting a hydraulic breaker, consider the long-term maintenance costs and compare them to your overall budget. A hydraulic hammer is always an investment, but make sure you purchase a model that’s known for its long-lasting ability. By doing so, you will only have to maintain it periodically, rather than after each use. Check reviews or ask RJB Hydraulic Hammers about which hammer is best for your overall budget.

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Buying a hydraulic hammer is no easy feat. To choose the right one for your needs, consider its size, hydraulic flow, and overall maintenance cost.

We at RJB Hydraulic Hammers proudly sell hydraulic hammers and replacement parts to companies around the globe. Our team has years of construction expertise to help you find and install the right hydraulic hammer for your needs.

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