Skid Steer/Mini Excavator Combo Bracket

HK45 Combo Bracket









RJB Hydraulic Hammers has brought to market a dual function bracket that works with both a skid steer and mini-excavator (3.5 to 6 metric ton carriers).  The thought behind the skid steer/mini-excavator combo bracket is to allow rental yards and dealers the opportunity to rent a single hammer to customers with the functionality of both a skid steer and mini-excavator.  Having the ability to instantly exchange brackets to meet the customer’s needs allows rental yards and dealers flexibility in their hydraulic hammer offerings.

HK45 Hydraulic Hammer

The choice to create a combo bracket for the HK45 was based on feedback from rental yards that already carry HydroRam hydraulic hammers.  The HK45 is our most common hydraulic hammer that rental yard customers rent on a short-term basis.  The HK45 Hydraulic Hammer is a 1000 ft. lb impact class hydraulic hammer is designed to work with most skid steers, small loader backhoes, and medium-sized mini-excavators.  This particular model is a solid, versatile hydraulic hammer that makes easy work of larger concrete jobs.  This tough model has been a very popular model especially since it comes with a tool diameter of almost 3″.

Advantage of the Combo bracket vs. Skid Steer Plate vs. Top Bracket

While the price of the Combo bracket is more than buying a skid steer plate and top bracket separately, the cost savings become apparent with the labor savings over time.  Switching out a skid steer plate for a top bracket and pins can be a time-consuming effort.   With the skid steer/mini-excavator combo bracket the operator can simply detach the skid steer plate by pulling out the pin set.  An operation that should take less than 5 minutes to perform.  Re-installing the skid steer plate is just as easy as when it was taken off.  Customers who have a solo bracket and wish to upgrade can simply purchase the combo bracket and utilize their existing pin set for their mini-excavator.  Just like a universal top bracket, the combo bracket will align to most 3.5 to 6 metric ton min-excavators.  The hole pattern on the top bracket portion of the combo bracket allows for a large combination of pin sets to use with this configuration.



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