Is It Time for a New Skid Steer Breaker? Learn the Signs Here

Skid steers are a must-have on nearly any job site, from construction to demolition and everything in between. The skid steer market is anticipated to continue expanding as skid steers continue to make themselves invaluable.

One of the most important attachments for these machines is the skid steer breaker. These attachments are crucial for breaking up larger chunks of concrete, stone, and other substances to make them easier to transport.

But how do you know when you’re seeing too many breaker replacement signs? If you’re curious about when to replace your breaker, we’re here to help. Read on for a quick guide on replacing your skid steer breaker and how to make it last longer.

What is a Skid Steer Breaker?

Often called a skid steer breaker hammer, a skid steer breaker is one of the many attachments these devices use. The hydraulic hammer attaches to the front end of the skid steer where it can turn downward into concrete. They take the grueling job of shattering concrete into smaller pieces and make it a quick and safe one-man task.

However, such a rugged task can lead to damage to the breaker hammer. As such, you should know the signs of when you need to replace the hammer to avoid damaging your skid steer.

Common Breaker Replacement Signs

How do you know it’s time to replace your breaker hammer? Here are the most important signs to find a new breaker.

Physical Damage

As your breaker forces concrete apart, the component will inevitably take damage. You’ll most likely see this damage on the tip of the hammer or along the length.

Minor scrapes or scratches don’t indicate it needs replacement. But if you’re seeing chips or cracks in the hammer, it’s likely not far from breaking. Replace it immediately to avoid serious injuries.

Failing Hydraulics

Over time, the hydraulics on your breaker will begin to fail. The hammer will have less force behind it, which makes it much less efficient.

Replacing the hammer at this time can fix the issue. You can also have repairs done to remedy the problem, but these are often expensive.

Equipment Longevity Tips

Proper skid steer maintenance can help your equipment last much longer. Make sure your breaker hammer is cleaned and maintained after every use.

Have the hydraulic system serviced as part of regular maintenance to avoid these components breaking down. You should also pay close attention to the rest of your skid steer, such as making sure there’s no damage to the treads. Doing so can help you avoid expensive repairs or full replacements.

Making the Most of Your Skid Steer Maintenance

Your skid steer breaker has one of the hardest jobs on-site, so make sure you’re performing proper construction equipment maintenance. Look for the common breaker replacement signs to ensure the equipment doesn’t break mid-job.

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